I’d made up my mind to be free. I understood that I want to photograph, to document, to communicate what I see, and what I find. When travelling around the world I was confronted with sadness and happiness, beauty, life, fairness and unfairness, poverty, different cultures, diversity, people, characters, and the fragility of human existence. I was examining light and colours, motion from tears and laughter, the beauty in all we see. But I continuously questioned my experience. I gained a deep insight into many peoples live but also into myself. There certainly is clear truth in our attempts and how we want things to be. I am now able to bring the bids and peaces of all together to communicate with my photography and to freeze the memory of times, and the beauty of banality.

I am a contemporary witness, an observer. I speak about us and I speak about myself.

Everything that we see now can be different later. The world changes so as we do. It implies a certain acceptance. My approach to the world is intimately linked to my approach to people. My work becomes more and more a recording, from portraiture to documentary, and in a form of photographic series.

When you get to know people, they are more giving. They tell you much more of their insight. The atmosphere becomes more excitable. The photos become more intimate. I capture the ambivalence of emotions. The portraits become realistic, touching, but not sentimental. I love people that are straightforward and therefore I want to show them the way they are.

Authenticity is what interests me.

Photography becomes an obsession while exploring my ideas. My fascination with photography comes not from a print, but from the very moment I capture an image through the lens.

Most of the photos that I take of people of different cultures are best described as un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive to document and to capture life — at their rawest edges. Dressed and undressed women and men, silence, romantic, harsh, that very look, and a fresh kind of beauty. They later add to a mosaic of many photos documenting moments of life from immersion in it. They are a contrast of my staged portrait photography.

I have more than one dream, which I think everyone should have.